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Make Your Computer a Mac

For technology that works as hard as you do, come to AMERICAN COMPUTER in Wantagh, New York, and purchase one of our available Apple products. We sell some of the most current devices, including new Mac computers. Our full-service company also provides effective repair services for your devices.

A Cutting-Edge iMac for a New Generation

If you are looking for an all-in-one computer, look no further than our sleek and stylish iMac. The first version of this computer was stunning, but this newer model is even more impressive.

It comes with some of the most highest-performing technologies and is expertly-crafted into an advanced desktop display. With a five-millimeter edge, our iMac has 40 percent less volume than the previous model. It also includes Turbo Boost 2.0.

Get Closer to the Action

In addition to having a super-thin screen, Apple has eliminated even more space by getting rid of the two-millimeter gap between the LCD and the glass through a process called full lamination. This process has never been used on a display this large, but Apple has perfected it so that your display can be right up against the glass instead of hidden behind it.

Two millimeters may not seem like much of a difference, but that missing gap is enough to make the images on your screen appear as if they are popping out of the screen. Another benefit of our manufacturer's full lamination process is that it gets rid of the reflection of light from the LCD panel and the back of the display's glass cover.

Enjoy Clearer Quality

Some companies compromise color quality in order to reduce glass reflection, but Apple has created an anti-reflective coating process that doesn't decrease the vibrant colors on your screen. They use a method called plasma deposition, which is used on small surfaces like camera lenses and fighter pilot helmets.

It consists of coating the glass with layers of silicon dioxide and niobium pentoxide that are so precise and thin that they have to be measured in atoms. The result is an astounding 75 percent reduction in reflectivity and vibrant, accurate colors.

Out with the old, in with the new

To create a device with so much technology in such a thin case. Apple Engineering has created innovative technologies that has moved computerization forward.