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Apple TV

Apple TV

The new Apple TV delivers an all-new experience with Touch and Siri, powerful new hardware, and great content, games, and more on the App Store. The Touch surface on the new Siri Remote offers innovative ways to interact with your TV, creating a connected experience with a screen that’s across the room. With Siri, finding something to watch is as easy as just asking. And with apps, Apple TV allows you to customize your TV for personal and shared experiences in the living room.

32GB 64GB
Apple price (U.S.) $149 $199
Size and weight 1.4 inches by 3.9 inches by 3.9 inches, 0.94 pound

Key messages

All-new interface
• New ways to interact with Touch and Siri
bring a connected experience to a big screen that’s across the room
• 3D effects make posters, icons, and other
images pop off the screen and come to life
• Beautiful TV and movie product pages are
designed to make the content the hero
• Stunning aerial video screen savers display
day or night scenes based on your time

Siri Remote
• Touch surface for intuitive and
contextual control
• Navigating with Touch is fast and fluid
• Siri button for voice search and control, with dual microphones to cancel
ambient noise
• Bluetooth connection means you don’t
need to directly point at Apple TV
• Control your TV or Receiver via IR
(controlling volume) or CEC (switching
inputs, powering on or off, and
controlling volume)
• Built-in gyroscope and accelerometer for
playing games
• Lightning connector to recharge remote

Siri and Universal search
• Natural voice interactions mean you don’t need to learn specific commands or key words
• Find TV shows and movies with just your voice, no need to type onscreen
• Search across popular apps at once, so you don’t need to go in and
out of apps
• iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime available, with more to come
• Onscreen navigation, playback controls, and sports, stocks, and weather info
• Siri is available at launch in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, and Japan (specific iTunes storefront/language
combinations required)

App Store for Apple TV
• Content apps, including current Apple TV partners (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, etc.)
• High-quality, high-performance games
• Kid-friendly entertainment and learning
• Other app categories, reimagined for the living room like fitness and shopping
• Apps can use MFi game controllers and
other Bluetooth accessories

• New operating system for Apple TV, based
on iOS, but built for the living room
• Easy for existing developers to support
• Supports Xcode and key iOS technologies
like Metal, Game Center, UIKit, and CloudKit
• Takes advantage of new Apple TV UI and
Touch capabilities

Powerful new hardware
• 64-bit A8 chip for great app and
game performance
• 32GB or 64GB flash storage options to
store apps for the whole family
• 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO
(a/b/g/n/ac compatible)
• 1080p, 720p, and 480p video output

Essential additions
• Apple HDMI to HDMI Cable
• AppleCare Protection Plan for Apple TV
• Remote Loop
• New MFi game controllers from
Hori and SteelSeries

Quick Demos

Show Apple TV and Siri Remote
• Let the customer hold the Siri Remote and point out the Touch surface, Siri, and other buttons for often-used commands.
• Mention accelerometer and gyroscope for game play.

Demo the new UI
• Browse the Home screen, then scroll across the first row of apps and movie posters with 3D effects.
• Mention how fast and fluid it is to navigate with Touch.
• Highlight the redesigned UI for iTunes movies, TV shows, and
Photos, and what’s new to Apple TV (Apple Music, App Store).

Demo apps and the App Store
• Open apps—including iTunes, Apple Music, and Photos—from
the Home screen. Or say “Open [app name].”
• Open the App Store and browse app pages.
• Point out popular media apps, games, and new categories like
fitness and shopping.

Demo Siri, search, and playback
• Ask for a movie by saying, “Show the Avengers.”
• Search for a movie genre by saying, “Find action movies” or
“Show movies for kids.”
• After an initial search, filter by popularity by saying, “Only the good
ones,” or by recent releases by saying, “Only the new ones.”
• On product page, note all the details, including “Available on.”
• Play a movie or TV show, pause and swipe through timeline, say,
“Skip 5 minutes,” and ask, “What did they say?”
• Ask about a movie or TV show by saying, “Who stars in Mad Men?”
• Ask about sports and weather by saying, “How did the Cubs do
last night?” or “What’s the weather in London?”
• Ask for stock quotes by saying, “How are the markets doing?”